Refocus Report


July 14, 2015                                                 

Dear Prayer Partners,


            Most of our ReFocus Teams are beginning their work to move us toward our goals.  Pray for each team and it’s members that God will be so much in the center of their time together that it is not only fun but fruitful.  Our goal is not just to do good things; not just to cross “T”s and dot “I”s; not just to come up with a checklist; but to do the Right things. Things that will bring glory to God and health to our church.

 Join me in prayer for the following needs:

            1. For our teens ministering in Connell this week.

            2. For the Worship Team and all who will be a part of it.

            3. For the Whites as they settle in and begin their ministry.

            4. For our children going to Camp next week.

            5. For the members of the Refocus team by name every day: Lyndon Frazier, Randy McNeel, Donna Gardner, Jean Knierim, Shawna Vogl, Jordan Eby, Royce Taylor, Andy Gulbrandsen, Teresa Knapp, Heather Jacobson and your staff.

New Staff Contact: Kyle White, 541-656-6893,; Valerie White,


Yours to Count On!

Pastor Ed