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1400 E. 7th St. Moscow, ID  83843

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Phone Number: (208)882-4332


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Non-Ministry Facility Use Request Form:

*This form is specifically for community event requests for those who do not attend Moscow Church of the Nazarene. If you have questions, please contact the church office. If you are making a request for a wedding or reception at the church, please contact the church office. If making a request, please download the form and email or print and send/give to the church office. No dates are guaranteed until contract is signed and the deposit is in. 

Announcement Request Form for Church Ministries Use

*If you do not regularly attend Moscow Naz, your announcement request is not guaranteed.

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Announcement From Request
Please provide all information necessary for the announcement. Such as: What, When, Where, and Why?
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Please list all dates you wish the announcement to appear. You are not guaranteed more than three.
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Date Submitted:

Event Facility Request Form for Church Ministries Use:

(If you do not regularly attend Moscow Naz, please refer to the Non-Ministry Use Request form)
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Date Submitted
Date you send the request
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Event Date
What day is the event?
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Please leave your phone number if there are any questions.
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Time Event Begins
What time does your event start?
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Time Event Ends
What time does the event end?
Date of Set Up Needed *
Date of Set Up Needed
What day do you wish to set up?
Time of Set Up Needed *
Time of Set Up Needed
What time do you plan on setting up and being done?
Ministry in the church that is requesting use
Event description. Please answer what the event is for, who it is reaching, and why you wish to host the event at the church.
Rooms Needed *
Please check all rooms needed for the event.
Sound & Media *
Please check mark what you are needing for the event.
How many tables and chairs do you need set up for the event? Please call or email the church office if specific direction is needed.